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Let's be honest here, for a long time Adele was a singer that is known for being on her own wave in matters of beauty and body image. While other singers and celebrities were super conscious about fitting the beauty standards Adele always seemed to be the one who wants to be beautiful in her own way and is successful in it. Thus a huge weight loss that happened not so long ago was huge news for her fans and people who even not so interested in pop culture. while the singer herself claims that this drastic change is due to the diet and some problems with the throat, some people claim that this is the result of full-body liposuction. Additionally, this situation made a lot of people look more closely into Adele's beautiful face and renewed body shape in search of any other change that could be a result of plastic surgeries. And they found some...

Adele is a British singer and songwriter. She was quite popular in the UK from a young age but gained worldwide popularity after writin…

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